Fat bike legislation

We know, we know - rules are boring, but you still have to know them. We are happy to help you understand the laws surrounding Fatbikes.

Please note: we have a small team, so we cannot guarantee that this page is always 100% up to date.

Possession and driver's license

You do not need a driver's license for a fat bike: this is because fat bikes are legally considered an electric bicycle.

Speed ​​and usage

Fat bikes are allowed to ride on any road where regular bicycles are allowed. You can also use them off-road, but then keep in mind the rules in that specific location. The maximum speed of a fat bike is 25 km/h and the maximum permitted motor power is 250 Watts. Our bikes cannot be tuned to increase the maximum speed.

No helmet

You don't need a helmet for a fat bike, unlike a scooter or motorcycle. This is because a fat bike is simply an e-bike, and e-bikes are exempt from a helmet requirement.


We believe it is important that you cycle safely. Be aware that the rules are there for a reason and are als enforced!


E-bikes and therefore also fat bikes fall under the rules for electric bicycles. See Rijksoverheid.nl and type in the subject “bicycle”.

No - many things are changing, but mainly in the enforcement of the speed limit. Because the Pinscher already takes this into account, this is not a problem when you ride our bikes.