About us

We are a start-up based in Amsterdam. In our workshop at the Lemelerbergweh 41, we develop our current models and work on the future of electric mobility. We do this with a small but strong team and our partners.

Let's go outside

We are Pinscher. We believe in 'real' life, outside. Go on adventures with friends, or just head out on your own. Nothing should hold you back. And helping you discover the world is our mission. A fat bike makes your city so much bigger... Discover it for yourself!

We believe in quality

In our team we combine entrepreneurship with the highest level of technical knowledge of e-bikes. All this to develop the 'fattest' bikes. We believe that you should pay for the product you receive, not the brand. No mediocre build quality for inflated prices with us. We now select existing frames and assemble them with parts selected by us. Real Dutch cycling knowledge, applied to the fat bike.

Easy maintenance

We keep sufficient spare parts in stock for all Pinscher models, so that you can always have a perfectly running bike back within 48 hours.

We recommend servicing the fat bike after the first 500 km, and then every 2000 kilometers or after 6 months have passed since the last service. We understand that you don't want to go to a service point for every little thing. That is why all our non-electrical parts are very easy to replace. Does your battery or motor need to be replaced? Then we have service points ready for you.