W3 Series

Your fat bike
on the go

Adventures have never been so easy. Take your W3 folded with you on the train, car or bus. With a 100 km range you can go in any direction!

€1.899,00 Free shipping
handlebars & saddle
7 Shimano
Fast & flexible on the road

With the W3 series you can go in any direction. Whether you need to get to work, head to the gym or go shopping - you can do everything on a single bike.


The W3 is an extremely smooth ride, thanks to a compression spring between the front and rear frame. Holes, speed bumps, cobblestones - you will hardly notice them thanks to this special suspension.

Long distances

The W3 can travel 100 km on one battery charge. Discover more without having to worry about an empty battery. Want to go even further? Then it will be ready to go again once charged in 6 hours.

Glide electric through city and terrain

The W3 has everything you need. A sturdy frame, protected battery, foldability and available accessories. You will always arrive at your destination fresh, thanks to the pedal assistance.

Fast, with strong brakes

Anyone who goes fast must also be able to brake quickly. That is why we have payed extra attention into the selection of hydraulic brakes and being able to replace the brake pads yourself. Anyone can replace them in 1 minute when necessary. That easily saves 100 euros in maintenance per year!

The facts

Real beauty comes from within

Max speed
* Max. speed allowed in the EU

* This applies under normal conditions: around 18 degrees and on a paved road

* Max. permissible power

Unfolded: 165*73*150cm
Folded: 100*83*50cm

35.5kg (excl. battery)

Max load


Charging time
3-6 hours


Chain, 7 Shimano gears


Center suspension
For a smooth ride

Torque sensor
For natural pedal support

Hydraulic ZOOM brakes

Waterproof single-seat, adjustable in height

Innova 4x20 inch road tires

2 sets of brake pads
worth €70

Phone holder
Suitable for all phones

Luggage carrier
For attaching bags

Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series
Pinscher W3 Series

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Try before you buy

Take a test ride

Want to try out the W3? Schedule an appointment for a test ride. We will visit you at your home, and then, after an extensive test ride and explanation about the fat bike, you can decide. If you purchase the bike on the spot, you get a €150 discount.

Find a dealer

Dealers W1

Would you like to view the W3 at the dealer? View the map and find your dealer.

Got questions? We have the answers!

Are you having trouble finding something? Perhaps our frequently asked questions can help you further. If not, our customer service team is ready to help you.

The W1 is a fat bike with the classic “motorcycle” appearance. The W1 has a duo seat so you can carry a friend on the back. Unlike the W1, the W3 is foldable, so you can easily take it with you on public transport or in the car. The W3 also has a luggage carrier, the W1 does not. The W3 is better suited for tall people (> 18.5m) or people with back problems, because the handlebars and saddle are adjustable and the W3 rides more smoothly over bumps due to the special suspension.

After purchasing a bike, we will deliver it to in person and explain how it works. You will also get the opportunity to take it out for a test ride. That is THE moment to take a look to see if everything is as you expected. Also good to know: an unused bike can be returned within 30 days.

Yes! We offer a 2-year warranty on the frame. The battery also has a 2-year or 10,000 km (whichever comes first) warranty. Please note that you will have to service your bike at regular intervals in order to claim warranty. This means that after 500/2500/4500/6500 km you will have to have a professional dealer check whether everything is in order. Find a dealer location near you.

No - we deliver our bikes fully assembled!

Then please contact us! We always have a bike in development in your desired color that we can reserve for you.