Go wherever you want

Don't want to be dependent on your parents? Would you rather not have any hassle with driver's licenses or an ugly helmet? With a fat bike you can go wherever you want.
A beast of a bike

Just like the Pinscher dog, our bicycle is lightning fast and unstoppable. Can you tame this beast?

The best fat bike

Our fat bike takes you anywhere, on any terrain - and with a large battery capacity. And just because it is a quality bike, does not have to mean it's most expensive. That's why you choose the Pinscher.

Phone holder included

Find your way with Google Maps? Or enjoy some tunes on the go with Spotify? We got you - both our bikes have a phone holder included.

Lightning fast fat bikes

Our fat bikes accelerate quickly and can travel no less than 110 km on one battery charge. With our powerful 250W motor you will reach the speed limit of 25 km/h in no time. Unlike scooters, mopeds or electric bicycles with a higher speed (speed pedelecs), our fat bike does not require a driver's license! This means you don't have to wear a helmet and you can enjoy cruising on all terrains, such as snow, sand and rough trails.

Hop on!

You can easily take your friend with you on the W1. The W1 has a spacious duo seat where you can fit comfortably together, and the frame can carry up to 150 kg of weight.

Choosing a fat bike

We have 2 models: the W1 series and the W3 series. The W1 is the classic fat bike, the W3 is slightly better if you often travel with public transport as it is foldable. It just depends on what you prefer!


Take a test ride at home

Seeing is believing! We are happy to visit you at home with our bikes, so that you can take the W1 or W3 for a spin.


Our dealers

Would you like to check out our fat bikes in person? Use our store locator and find your local dealer.


Nope - the phone holder is always included with the bike!

We combine cool modern frames with top-quality parts at a competitive price. So beauty & beast, rolled into one.

If you take good care of your fat bike, this should not be a problem at all. If something does go wrong, please contact us. We have a Happy Pinscher Plan - depending on the circumstances, we can offer a new frame for €500.

A fat bike, like most e-bikes, requires a key to start. But we advise you to buy an ART 2 lock to always secure your bike for extra safety.

We always offer a test ride upon delivery, so that you can be sure whether you like the bike.