Pinscher bike broken?

Although fat bikes are robust, regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance. We recommend checking tire pressure, cleaning the bike after off-road rides and regularly lubricating moving parts.

Is your fat bike broken after all? That's annoying, you would prefer to have it repaired quickly. On this page we explain how you can do this.

2 year warranty

Your bicycle has a 2-year warranty. Is something really not working as it should within that period? Then we will help you for free. Keep the receipt to claim the warranty.


You can solve this in the same way as with a normal bicycle by patching the tire.

Replace brake pad in 1 minute

Pinscher has selected the best hydraulic brakes. You can replace the brake pads yourself in 1 minute. You can do this very easily.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance must take place once every 2000 km at a Pinscher service point . There they can check whether the bicycle is still in good condition and whether all parts function properly. Motor, controller and sensors will also be tested in this service.

Replacing tires & chain

You can replace tires yourself or have them replaced by a bike mechanic. A chain will very rarely need to be replaced. Make sure you lubricate it regularly! A well-maintained chain lasts 5 times longer than a dry chain.


Want to test a new fat bike?

Don't have a Pinscher bike yet, and is your current fat bike broken? Then you can always try out Pinscher. This way you can experience for yourself how cool it is!


Our service points

We have service points throughout the Netherlands. Find a service point near you.


To be eligible for warranty, you must have the bicycle maintained by a an official dealer at regular intervals. Typical issues covered by our warranty are: the electrical drive is no longer functioning, a lamp has broken , a non-functioning display. Any questions? Contact us .

Tires and brake pads are easy to replace yourself.

This varies per service point. Request a quote from an affiliated dealer in advance to avoid any surprises.

Lubricate your chain and check every now and then whether all screws are properly tightened. Check your tire pressure. A tire that is too soft leads to more tire wear and affects top speed and usage. Your tire pressure should be around 3 bar/43 PSI.