Safe adventures

The world has changed, and most kids experience their adventures online. Do you want to inspire your child to get out and about again? A safe fat bike stimulates your kid to go outside. Makes a change from an afternoon of gaming.

Safety first for your kid on a fat bike

The fat bike is extremely popular among young people. We have developed a fat bike that is not only fast, but also safe and reliable! The W1 and W3 series are designed with durable materials and feature advanced engineering with attention to detail, making them ideal for a wide range of terrains - including snow, sand and rough trails. Choose a fat bike from Pinscher: safe and reliable.


Pinschers cannot go faster than 28 km/h (de facto 25 km/h). This is because the pedal assistance stops at that speed. This cannot be altered - not via the main menu, nor via the system parameters.

Reliable brakes

Good brakes are very important for safe electric riding, but unfortunately fat bikes are often lacking quality brakes. However, we have equipped our Pinscher bicycles with powerful, stable hydraulic brakes, which maintain excellent braking performance in any weather condition.

DIY maintenance

A fat bike is quite the investment. When you purchase a Pinscher fat bike, you will receive two sets of brake pads worth 70 Euro for free. By doing this, we invite our riders to learn how to replace brake pads themselves after watching our how-to-videos. This way, you save money - and your kid learns a new skill!

We help you choose

A good fat bike has thick tires, a strong motor, sufficient battery capacity, and a sturdy frame. Our fat bikes have a range of 100 km! Would you like to take one of our fat bikes for a spin before making a purchase? Of course you do! That's why you can book a ride from your home. Already purchased a bike? Then you can return your fat bike within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied.

Never play taxi again

Of course you do everything for your child, but you would prefer to be more than a taxi. Our fat bikes go no faster than 25 km/h - the maximum permitted speed in the Netherlands for fat bikes and other e-bikes - so your child can independently travel further. This leaves you time to do other things - or take some time for yourself.


Take a test ride from home

Seeing is believing! We are happy to visit your home so that you take the W1 or W3 for a spin.


Our dealers

Would you like to view our fat bikes at the dealer? Use the store locator and find your local dealer.


Unfortunately, this is not (yet) possible. We are developing accessories for Pinscher fat bikes, so hopefully we can answer this with 'yes' in the not too distant future!

Pinscher bikes are assembled with a robust frame that cannot be broken. Braking is not a problem thanks to powerful, stable hydraulic brakes, which maintain excellent braking performance in all weather conditions. Finally, our fat bikes have a maximum speed of 25 km/h (which is also the legal maximum), and they cannot be tuned in any way. This way you can be sure that your child is safe on the road.

No - a fat bike is legally considered a regular e-bike, and helmets are not required for e-bikes.